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Family House of West Georgia

The Family House of West Georgia originally opened its doors in Columbus in 1993,

establishing itself then as the 4th Ronald McDonald House in Georgia. The House was the dream of local entrepreneur Jack Pezold and his wife JoRhee. They were joined by a group of local supporters, volunteers and hundreds of generous donors, companies, and foundations, (like you) to make this dream a reality. Since its opening, thousands of children and their families have been loved and sheltered at minimal or no cost while seeking medical care at Columbus area hospitals. We are pleased and excited to expand that mission to serve not only children, but other families who have loved ones receiving care in our community hospitals and healthcare facilities.

We're changing our name...and expanding our mission.

Our Mission

The Mission

Our mission will continue as we serve the families of children who visit Columbus for extended healthcare treatment. These families face enormous hurdles coping with the extraordinary costs, and emotional and physical distress of being away from home during a crisis. Removing the stress of daily living will allow these families to focus on what truly matters: their child's healing and recovery.


A Bolder Vision

The rebranding is more than a simple name and logo change, it is a bold step in a new direction. It’s representative of who we’ve evolved to be and helps us expand, maximize, and redefine our potential.  While we will always remain steadfast in our core mission of providing care to the families of pediatric patients, post-COVID pandemic experience has made it clear that the need is far greater

and fewer resources are at hand.

In short, we can, and must, do more.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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